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Whilst we all look over the failing Opel negotiations and tremble a little with the thought that GM might drop the ball just as badly with Saab, out comes the calming, reassuring presence that is Saab’s head honcho and chief-guy-in-need-of-a-holiday, Jan-Ake Jonsson.
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As expected, Vänersborgs District Court decided that the reconstruction of Saab may continue another three months. Saab will primarily use the time to implement the sale of the company and to complete the negotiation of new financing.
In the application for the extension of reorganization Saab’s CEO Jan Åke Jonsson promised that a buyer would be appointed during the month of May. That still holds true?
– “We will designate a main candidate in the next few days, but we will keep the decision internally until we agree with the nominee to make it public,” says Saab’s spokeswoman Gunilla Gustaf.
How is Saab’s sale affected by the situation of GM Europe, where buyers looks turn away by one by one?
– “What is happening in Berlin does not affect us at all. Saab’s sales from GM is completely separated from what is happening with the Opel and Vauxhall.”
If GM in the U.S. are forced into bankruptcy or reorganization, what happens to the promises of aid and forgiven debts that has been done to Saab?
– “I am reluctant to comment on what has not happened, but I can say that we are not worried on that point.”
That development is surely quite likely, you have not investigated the consequences of that rather closely with the GM?
– “Yes, we have made, and the three candidates who are still in the process has also asked that question. And they are still in process even after they received the answers.”
In the case of GM Europe, the candidates turned away after new economic data were reveled. Are there any pitfalls in Saab deal?
– “No.”
I had a quick chat this evening with Joe Oliver from Saab in Sweden, and he stated that they were all pleased to get the favourable court ruling in Vanersborg today. They were quite confident it would come through, but it’s still a relief and another positive step along this road for Saab.
He also mentioned the reason for Saab’s confidence in the midst of GM’s pending bankruptcy filing.
That is because Saab have already received the funding they need to carry them through their reorganisation proceedings. These funds have been transferred, are “ringfenced” and accessible to the reconstruction team.
Barring some extraordinary douchebaggery throwing a spanner in the works, Saab are going to pull this one off, people.
Have no fear.

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