Saab update – support gathering

I’ve just got off the phone with Eric Geers from Saab, who sounded very upbeat and especially encouraged by the groundswell of support for Saab in Sweden.
He cited the RIX FM campaign (Yay Titti!) from last week, as well as coverage today on TV4 and Robert Collin’s encouraging review of the 2010 Saab 9-5 in today’s Aftonbladet newspaper as evidence of the growing support that Saab are enjoying.
There’s a number of motoring publications – and business publications in general – who will never believe that Saab have a chance of new ownership until there’s a signature on the bottom line of a contract.
Saab aren’t worrying about convincing them anymore.
What they’re doing is pressing ahead with the reconstruction process, pressing ahead with narrowing down the current number of potential buyers from 10 to just a few. The focus is definitely on the future.
The response they’re getting is the groundswell of support that we’re seeing from various outlets last week and this week.
It’s good to see.
On the Fiat issue, Eric confirmed what Jan-Ake has been quoted as saying this morning: that Fiat are not one of the parties that Saab are currently talking with in terms of being a new owner for Saab.
I asked if it were even legally possible for Saab to now be incorporated into a GME deal. I’d have thought that Saab’s reconstruction process, being a formal process sanctioned through the Swedish court, would make this difficult. Eric could not comment on that one, given the complexity of the issue.
One thing was certain…Saab being so specifically included in Fiat’s public talks about the issue was a surprise to the guys in Sweden.
I’ve received a text copy of Robert Collin’s 2010 Saab 9-5 review. I’m awaiting permission from Robert to translate it and publish it here.
Thanks to those who contacted me about it.

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