Saab updates from Sweden

I couldn’t resist this one, from Magnus in comments:

Todays Dagens Nyheter (The Daily News, which is the biggest paper in Sweden) quoted SAAB’s head of marketing Knut Simonsson who made a statement in DI (Dagens Industri) on who’s bidding for SAAB:
“They have both the financial resorces and management capacity and eat using the right kind of cutlery”
I guess that leaves the Chinese out …

Maybe it means Knut loves a good Yum Cha?
It’s an interesting comment, no matter which way you play it. It’s certainly not something you’d expect the marketing boss to come out with. It’s more like something you’d expect a blogger to say.
Maybe there’s hope for Saab doing a real-world grass roots communications effort after all.
TTELA are reporting that Saab orders are rising at the moment. They’re rising to such an extent that Saab may soon be in a position to reinstate some of the 700 workers they laid off recently.

A doubling of work means that the number of produced cars per day would increase from 100 to 200. And that in turn would, according Åkerlund, permitting Saab needs to “pick the staff” to meet production. How many jobs could be considered, however, he does not want to speculate on at present.

It’s still a comparatively low production number, but it’s encouraging to see that things are picking up.
Thanks Michael!
There’s a very good chance that General Motors will be forced into Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings next week. GM’s time is officially up on June 1, but there are rumours that it could happen as early as Wednesday 27th.
The big question is whether or not GM’s Ch11 proceeding will have any significant impact on Saab’s sale process.
This from

– I do not think anyone can say with certainty what is happening with the Saab if it becomes a chapter 11 of the GM. But clearly, if we are very close to a deal with a new owner, so I find it difficult to see that there is something of interest in America to not pursue it, argues Paul Åkerlund, chairman of the IF Metall in the Saab.
Gunilla Gustavs at Saab Automobile information indicates, as well as Rolf Åbjörnsson, that much can happen if GM ports in chapter 11.
– It is a process with many variations. We can not speculate on how Saab affected. It is possible that there may be no significance at all. But we must try to prepare ourselves, “says Gustav TT.

Something to think about when you’re concerned about the pockets of our three bidders.

  • All have been reviewed by Deutsche Bank
  • All have seen and agreed with Saab’s business plan – bringing production, design etc back to Sweden and building the 9-3x, 9-4x, 9-5 sedan and wagon.
  • All have proven that they have the access to sufficient funding to bring Saab’s business plan to fruition.

So in terms helping Saab back on to their feet, all three should be capable. It’s whether they can carry Saab if things don’t work out, and whether they can bring more new models to Saab’s future that may be of some concern.

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