Saab’s reconstruction snippets

Check comments for all the happenings with Opel.
In short, Fiat are walking away from the table due to increasing demands from General Motors. Magna seem to be pretty frustrated by it all as well.
GM – shooting themselves in the foot since 1908.
Plenty of things happening in Sweden this morning.
The #1 piece of good news, albeit completely expected, is that the court in Vanersborg has announced that’s business as usual for Saab, with another three month period granted in their reconstruction effort.
TTELA, Googly-style:

Saab have received an extended time for the reorganization of the company. The decision came from Vänersborgs District Court. The reconstruction should now be finished by August 20. None of the creditors who sent in a response to the district court opposed the continued reorganization

Saab now have until August 20 to reorganise, though it’s expected they’ll be finished long before that.
As was first mentioned here at SU last weekend, Saab are expecting plenty more work due to increased orders, the addition of the 9-3 convertible to the Trollhattan line, and ramping up for the 9-5.
Again, from TTELA:

Now it’s clear that Saab Automobile re-employ some of the recently dismissed. How many people can come back is not clear. The reason is that the production rate is doubled after holidays…..
….Demand for Saab Cars has increased. The difference is significant compared to just a few weeks ago. In addition, stocks around the world sold off. All the cars are set at the factory site ready for shipment is sold, states Paul Åkerlund.

And as also mentioned here last week, the 9-3 convertible is ceasing production in Austria – and very soon.
Word is now filtering through some of the German Saab bulletin boards to further back this up and re-hiring at Trollhattan would suggest the same. You can now no longer order a Saab 9-3 Convertible made to your preference from Saab germany.
And in other news…..
I expressed some concern about Saab being wired into GM’s electronic systems and the costs of changing that scenario in the short term.
I received word from a dealer in the US during the week assuring me that they’ve still got Saab’s old system online and working fine.
It sounds like all they need are updated codes, some testing, and they’d be ready to go again.
Dinner time!!
Oh yeah, and I just bought another car tonight, too.
This one is planned as a long term project with a little Saabification coming eventually. Knowing me, though, long term might mean 12 months or so……

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