Saturday Morning Snippets

I didn’t get to speak with Eric Geers last night.
Earlier in the day, when it may have been easier for him, I was at an art exhibition opening night, where my wife managed to sell two paintings!! Later in the day, when it was easier for me, Eric was busy doing to the public holiday thing.
We will try again.
GM lesson in PR #3 is how not to ingratiate yourself to someone you’d like to talk to.
David Letterman joked around with Tesla guy, Elon Musk, the other night and slipped in a gag about the Chevy Volt. That’s got GM up in arms and Bob Lutz was wheeled out of his retirement villa to sign his name to a blog entry seeking some Volt-time with Letterman.
If you want to get some time on Letterman’s show, however, I’d suggest that you don’t start your article with a reference to the fact that you don’t think anyone watches the show:

I don’t know if you happened to catch David Letterman Wednesday night. Frankly, I didn’t, nor did many of my colleagues at GM.

You know, I think Dave’s show is crap and so does everyone I work with, but we’d like to be on it…..
The northern seasons have changed and spring has sprung.
That means the most elegant Saab on earth has been brought out of the garage for a drive and a few new photos.
If Saab ever wanted to do a retro-themed vehicle, a modern version of this would sure attract some interest. Just magnificent.
I’m sure Golfhunter is going to enjoy this summer.
One for the Aussies……
Martin W tells me that the distributors page on the Hirsch website now lists City Saab in Melbourne as a Hirsch distributor.
Good news! More on that later.
I had a car very similar to this tested by an independant mechanic in Sydney yesterday:
1990 Mazda MX5
It turned out to be an absolute waste of my money and time. A total dud. Grrrrrrr.

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