Saturday Night Snippets – not so good edition

The week started with such promise…..but ended with some personal disappointments I’m not allowed to talk about online, as well as the test-drive of my potential new car falling through and my football team losing a game they should have dominated.
Oh well. I’ll BBQ some T-bone steaks in the rain tomorrow and all will be well with the world once again.
Fiat’s CEO, Sergio Marchionne has chanelled Chrysler’s chief from several decades ago, Lee Iacocca, by telling the German Government that “if they can find a better deal for Opel [than the one he’s offering], they should take it”
I know the German government will have a say in this, but I think he also has to convince GM. Actually, he probably already has.
One of Aftonbladet’s bloggers, Johanna Melen, had a quick Q&A with Swedish pollie and player in the Saab situation, Joran Hagglund (please excuse my lack of accents and umlauts)
There is a light in the tunnel for Saab.
So says Jöran Hägglund, State Secretary at the Department. More than any other in the Swedish Government, he has an eye on the former Swedish car’s future.
– Saab has gone from an extremely fragile state and should start seeing some light. Every day increases the positive expectations.
Where will the light (come from)?
– Quite clearly there are a number of seriously interested parties who are able to take over and operate the business. And in combination with Saab’s current owners have the most economic concern, I think that a business easier. It would be good for Saab.
(Will there be) a new owner in the summer?
– I cannot answer today. But I think all parties are working hard to be ready before summer.
So…..any of you Swedes seen the fruit of Saab’s new advertising and promotional campaign yet?
Do tell.

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