Site Stats – April 2009

It’s a new month and seeing I didn’t do any site stats last month, I thought I’d better make sure I get to it this time around.
Numbers are down if you look at SU vs TS this time last year, but then TS had the benefit of good search traffic, which is just starting to flow through to SU now.
It was actually a momentus month for SU in one respect – we finally got a Google pagerank. Plugging away with a pagerank of zero for three or four months wasn’t fun, but with a PR of 4 after just a few months, I’m pretty pleased. It should see SU gather some more momentum.
On its own in April, SU served 204,197 pages to almost 26,300 unique visitors. Combined with Trollhattan Saab, the two sites served 260,461 pages (the number of unique individuals is difficult to ascertain).
That’s 6,800 pages per day for SU and 8,682 pages per day for the combined entity.
The Top 10 locations were as follows…..
….and as always, here’s a few special locations:
I’d like to welcome viewers from Hangzhou, China, which is the home of Geely
And welcome to readers from Angelholm, home of Koenigsegg:
A big warm nanu-nanu to viewers from Boulder, which I think was the home of Mork and Mindy:
And a nice “hey dudes” to South Bend, Indiana, home of the original Humvee.
There were 106 entries published in April 2009, an average of just over 3.5 per day.

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