Small market Saab sales data – April 2009

It’s time to log the sales numbers from smaller Saab sales markets.
If you have access to data for your market, let me know via email ( or just enter them in comments and I’ll add them here to the front page.
Not good, but expected. Click to enlarge. Saab would be the large bar in the lower third of the table.
Thanks to Till!!
Saab’s dealers in Belgium sold just over 220 vehicles. Exact numbers and comparitives are not available, but they’ve sold just over 700 cars for the year so far.
The Finnish market saw just 12 vehicles sold in April 2009.
The comparitive is best illustrated by the year-to-date figures, where Saab has sold 193 vehicles so far in 2009, compared with 613 in the same four months last year.
I hope I got that right. Thanks vorlon!
Ay Carumba!!
My home market is hurting!
Saab Oz sold just 38 vehicles in April, down by so much on April last year that statistics don’t matter.
Thanks Turbin!
The Canadian market must be doing something right at the moment, because sales numbers are actually UP for Saab there.
News from Zippy:

Saab sold 160 cars in April which beat last years sales of 140 for a 14.5pc increase so it looks like lower pricing is attracting some interest here. Another good bit of news is Saab has moved to another Dueck GM retailer minutes from downtown Vancouver so we now had two dealers.

The news about Dueck is really good to hear.
I visited with Bill Convery at Dueck back in August last year and took a look around the new dealership they were building. Bill’s a Saab institution in Vancouver, so it’s great to see some of the support Saab were promised there coming to fruition via the Dueck family.
Unfortunately, the good news in Canada is offset by terrible news from the Dutch market.
News from Albert VDB:

The position of Saab in the Netherlands is currently a very difficult one.
Deliveries in April: 5 (March was not much better: 42)
This is not only due to the position of Saab as a whole, but most of it is caused by the position of Saab NL. It has been declared bankrupt last week. The last few months no cars were coming through.
I’ll ask my dealer how he thinks to get his cars with no importer. Maybe a direct delivery from Sweden?
BTW: about the same goes for Alfa and Kia. 7 Alfa’s and 20 Kia’s in April. But they will recover in May. Imports are taken over by Fiat NL and KIA Europe, so the backlog will be resolved in May.

I really hope something can be done to assist vehicle delivery in the Netherlands. It’s a really important European market for Saab.

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