SOTW – When green Saabs were really……green

Can you remember a time when car companies used to make cars that were ‘green’ regardless of their fuel economy?

Back in the mid 1970s this was as green as a Saab got. Regardless of its color, it was possibly ‘greener’ than most other cars due to Saab’s great little four cylinder engines.

SAAB 99GL Auto 002.jpg

This car belongs to Phil D and it belonged to his father before that. It’s got less than 60,000 miles on the clock and has only recently been “re-kermitted”, which looks sensational. I think that’s done via a kermittment ceremony 🙂


SAAB 99GL Auto 003.jpg

Initial thoughts were that this might have been a show car, from Earls Court back in 1975. Phil’s recently noted that the lack of a hatch might count against it, however.

Regardless, its great to see these old-timers still on the road and looking so fresh.

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