Special offer from Saab Australia – Saab Parking Assist for 9-3

I’m very pleased to be able to pass on a special offer from Saab Australia.
They’ve sent out brochures about this to customers via their normal contact methods, but knowing that some people’s details may no longer be correct, they figured it wise to extend the offer via other means as well.
So if you’re an Aussie with a Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan, SportCombi (2003-2007) or a Saab 9-3 Convertible (2004-2007) then please read on and consider this excellent value offer from Saab Australia.
06-36003eu.jpg Whilst your eyes might be immediately drawn to the sexy twin pipes at the back of this 9-3, what you should be looking for is the little dimple you can just see there in the black bumper strip. Click to enlarge if you need to….
That’s Saab Parking Assist. When you put your car in reverse, those sensors detect the proximity of walls, vehicles, etc that might be in your blind spot, and the sensors beep at an increasing rate depending on how close you get to the object. Parking Assist is a genuine help when you’re parking in a tight spot and has helped thousands of people avoid costly repairs to paint and bumper panels.
So what’s the offer?
Saab Parking Assist is normally a $790 option for the 9-3 Sedan and Combi, and an $890 option on the Convertible.
Then you’ve got fitting costs as well, which at 1.4 hours for the sedan/combi and 1.7 hours for the convertible brings the normal total cost to around $1,000.
Until the end of June 2009, owners of 2003-07 9-3’s can have Genuine Saab Park Assist fitted for only $495.00.
Yes, that’s fitted!

That’s a genuine bumper-saving item for a genuine bumper price – around 50% off.
If any of you Aussie Saab 9-3 owners want to take advantage of this offer, just call your local Saab dealer. They should know all about it.
Alternatively, you can call Saab Central on 1800 50 SAAB (7222)

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