Springtime – the older Saabs come out to play

It’s Spring in the northern hemisphere which means all those garaged Saabs are coming out to grab a few months in the sun. And what a welcome pleasure it must be!!
Long-time friend of SU and my fellow Detroit Auto Show correspondent, Greg Abbott, recently got his Cardinal Red 1978 Saab 99 Turbo out for a spring clean and wax and I’ve got to say, the results make me long for my short-lived ownership of a 99T in the same spec a few years ago.
This looks like a shot taken in the middle of the waxing process:
And here’s a shot of the finished product – absolutely magnificent. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here and now: the 99T, with it’s shorter nose and aggressive look is the most balanced Saab shape there’s ever been. I love it.
Greg, you may disagree and consider your 9-5 Aero or your 900 convertible to be more likely contenders, but judging from this brief perspective, I’d say your 99T would be the best looking and most individual car on your street!
Is it just me, or is the #1 badge ever stuck on an automobile?
If you can think of a better looking badge than the 99’s TURBO badge, please let me know in comments. The only possible equal I can think of is the Viggen badge.
It’s great to see old timers, especially rare old timers like this one, getting their day in the sun.
Thanks for the images, Greg!!

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