Sunday Night Snippets – ‘the wedding’s over’ edition

My thanks to Eggs n Grits for stepping up to the plate once again whilst I was away.
I didn’t give him any notice about this trip and had no expectations that he would put fingers to keys as I know he’s extremely busy, but it helped me enjoy my family time knowing that the ship had a steady hand at the tiller.
Thanks mate – again!
What a great 24 hours I’ve had:
I watched the Eurovision semi-final and am preparing to watch the final now. It starts in 20 minutes. DO NOT SPOIL IT FOR ME!!!! The Eurovision song contest provides one of my favourite night of the year and has done so for almost a decade now. I love it. I’m really sorry the Hungarian entry didn’t get through to the final. I’m sure that if he missed it last night, Richo would have really enjoyed it.
After the Eurovision semis, they showed ABBA: The Movie on the television. What a laugh, although I discovered another Swade-Sweden link. See the picture at the end.
My beloved Carlton football team beat arch-rivals Collingwood by 51 points. A big win, albeit over a depleted opposition.
Whlst Eggs is still having some difficulty with his Saab 900 Convertible shopping, this morning I test drove what I’m sure will be my next car. If not the car I drove today, then one in Sydney just like it. It was a Mazda MX-5 and I had an absolute blast in it!
So, to Saaby things…..
The Times Online has covered the Ira Rennert bid for Saab. As has TTELA.
The Times also quote K-Segg and Fiat to be in the hunt, but I will reiterate once again the fact that Fiat are outside the regular shortlist of bidders.
I noted this in comments:

a state owned chinese company is IN.

I’m not sure about the composition of ownership, but I think this is correct. And I’d take all those media report about Geely being OUT seriously if I were trying to hunt down the final bidders.
Here’s something to think about…..
We’ve always assumed that the Swedish government will have major input into the decision as to who will purchase Saab. This is because the government has offered loan guarantees and the theory is that they will only offer those guarantees to a plan and a buyer who has a substantial chance at success.
But what if the potential owners is sufficiently supported with its own money? That is, what if they don’t need to loan guarantees offered by the Swedes?
That would change the picture quite a bit, no?
Five red sedans doing stunt driving tricks, including a two-wheel driving exhibition?
Just another day where Saab’s ideas are pinched by Cadillac……
OK, stupid Swade-Sweden link time:
ABBACarlton.jpg ABBA: The Movie was a record of their 1977 Australian tour, with a stupid plot thrown together for the basic purpose of showing bits of concert footage.
Whilst watching the movie last night, I was overjoyed to see both girls wearing an Australian Rules Football jumper at different times throughout.
It seems that whilst they were in Australia, in Melbourne actually, they must have been treated to a day at the football and received some footy jumpers as a gift, which they continued to wear whilst on tour.
At left is a reproduction of the front page of a news paper from Perth, and you can see Anni-Frid (or Frida, as she was better known), wearing the jumper pf my very own Carlton Football Club.
That’s my team y’all!!!
Supported by ABBA and consequently by all Swedes – whether they like it or not!!

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