SVD review the 2010 Saab 9-5

Swedish webservice, SVD, has published a teaser for their full review of the 2010 Saab 9-5 (pre-production version, of course) which will apparently appear in the weekend’s newspaper.
Dippen did actually leave a note about this one in comments but I was too busy today to get to it. ctm has been kind enough to provide some translated pointers, which are reproduced below for your reading pleasure…
Link to original article, in Swedish
SVDSaab9-52010.jpg What are you doing in Trollhättan?
– I’m one of the first outside Saab that are allowed to drive a camouflaged version of the new Saab 9-5. This car has production number 15 and is a mixture of a prototype and pre-production car. Then I give feedback to Saab about my impressions. If only Saab make it through the crisis then the car goes on sale next year.
How does it feel?
– It is a big car, but Saab engineers have built a lot of driving pleasure into it and it feels much smaller when seated behind the wheel. It has a direct steering and a rapid response in the chassis. Regarding the quality the Saab engineers have throughout the development period had the Audi A6 as a benchmark.
Is it not just a touched-up Opel Insignia?
– It is based on the same platform, but finally Saab engineers have been able to to build their own solutions into the suspension – things Opel cannot use – and everything visible, both on the exterior and in the interior, is designed in Sweden.
Does it look good?
– Yes, even though it may feel a little big. Especially the rear is harmonic and reminds a little of Aston Martin.
Isn’t Saab on the wrong path with the size? Is not all about “downsizing” now?
– My reasoning goes like this. If Saab knew what they know today, they had made it a little smaller. But this car will also be a competitor to cars like the Audi A6, which is equal to 9-5, and is intended to be the flagship of Saab. The idea is that there will be a smaller 9-3 model around 2012.
What about the Inside?
– The start button is located between the seats and the “Saab-esque” cozy feeling. To be a pre-production car the interiors is very well put togehter and the choice of material is up with the best in class. The rear seats and rear legroom is great. Despite the sloping coupe form, there is enough headroom if you are not that tall.
There’s an article at Carscoop about the pre-production versions of the Saab 9-5. It doesn’t deserve it’s own post. It’s written by some slim-hipped metroponce named Phil Alex who thinks it’s extremely clever to deliver a substantial critique of a car based on photos (not even an actual drive, as some press are doing) of a heavily clad pre-production version.
Oh, and bashing the crap out of the old 9-5 is par for the course, of course. It wouldn’t be a Saab review without a 9-5 bashing. I’m surprised he didn’t call the 9-3 a tarted up Vectra just for laughs!
If you’ve got 5 minutes of your life that you don’t need back, click the link, above, then feel free to leave some bile in Phil’s, I mean Alex’s…….whatever’s inbox.
Thanks to Peter S for that link – I think?!

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