Targa Tasmania 2009

Time for a Sunday tension reliever.
Living in Tasmania can be a pain sometimes. The fact you have to jump on a plane to go anywhere is inconvenient and costly. The fact that our extended families all live either on the mainland or overseas is also difficult.
But it has its good points, too. And for me as a car enthusiast, the roads are definitely one of them.
Every April there’s a tarmac rally called Targa Tasmania. You’ve heard me talk of it before and I covered the event quite extensively a few years ago when a mate of mine, Dan, entered his Saab 99 Turbo in the event.
After the jump, I’ve assembled a series of Youtube videos covering this year’s Targa. If you’ve got an hour or so to kill then I can highly recommend you relax and take in some spectacularity (a new word, being the collective spectacular nature of the scenery, the roads and the cars).
If you are using Internet Explorer, then there’s a chance the site will crash if you try and watch these videos here. I’d highly recommend getting Firefox.
If you’re one of those using IE, then part 1 of this series is here.
If you can traditionally view videos here OK, then Targa Tasmania awaits after the jump.

Here in part 4, you’ll see a guy roll a little yellow Fiat. That’s the guy who was my instructor in the car with me when I crashed my Viggen a few years ago!!

Here in part 7, I think you’ll see the road out of Queenstown. I had to drive this road last week on my west coast trip. That little BMW 2002 at the end was quite fortunate.

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