Thursday Night Snippets – More Fiat, SOTW and maybe a new car

Hey all, it seems like it’s a much quieter day.
I need some poll software. Must look in to that.
There’s another mystery Fiat report doing the rounds of the news services. The other day we had one called ‘Operation Football’ that pronounced they would cut up to 18,000 jobs, close two German and two Italian factories and cut off both Saab and Lancia.
Today there’s a report being covered by Reuters called ‘Opeation Phoenix’. Once again it’s a tale of factory closures and job cuts.

The proposal for General Motors’ European assets that Italy’s Fiat presented to the German government on Monday includes plans to shrink plants across Europe, a German newspaper reported.
These measures would affect both GM Europe’s and Fiat’s factories, Handelsblatt newspaper said, citing Fiat’s proposal — codenamed Project Phoenix — which it said it obtained.
The 46-page proposal also includes plans to take over GM assets in South America and South Africa.
Fiat would shrink factories in the German cities of Ruesselsheim and Bochum, Spain’s Zaragoza, Sweden’s Trollhattan, and Antwerp in Belgium. German unit Opel would remain headquartered in Ruesselsheim.

So we have two reports from two different newspapers. I’d like to suggest they both can’t be right, but as I wrote the other day, even if they’re both proved to be non-genuine Fiat articles, the truth contained within them will most likely endure.
This will be too many brands.
Cheap Saabs!!
Any Aussies looking for a cheap runabout can’t go past this 1986 Saab 900 T16 Aero currently for sale on Ebay. It’s reported to be a good runner, has leather, power everything and nice dual pipes out the back. The paint might need some attention, though.
It’s currently languishing without a bit at $1,200. I sold mine just a few months ago for $3,300 so this is a right bargain for an original flatnose Aero.
Cheap Saabs 2!!!!
How about a Turbo X in the UK for under 22-grand? Our mate Lance Cole picked up on this one.
Whitequay Saab have a Turbo X, manual, with only 10 freaking miles on the clock, for £21,950. They’ve just got it in. It’s so just-in that they don’t even have a photo online for it yet.
They don’t have a photo of the Turbo X, but how about this lookalike?
Found on Flickr, it was taken by a guy calling himself Total Abstainer. He’s got some very nice Saab shots in the portfolio, actually.
This one’s no exception. An Aero with Turbo X six-spokes, apparently.
A very interesting development from Sweden this morning.
Volvo have had their European Investment Bank loan application denied!!

The carmaker, based in Gothenburg, southwestern Sweden, cited a possible divestment by its US parent company Ford as the reason behind the breakdown in discussions.
The company said in a statement that the decision had been reached “jointly” with the government in light of “Ford’s strategic review which could lead to a sale of Volvo Cars.”
Ford said in March that it was in advanced discussions with potential buyers for its Swedish brand.

Never thought I’d see that.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.
All going well, I will hopefully test drive what might be my next new car tomorrow. It’s been at the workshop getting a little work done this week, but will hopefully be read to go tomorrow.
I’ll hold off until then but will have a great instructional on how not to sell a car when it’s all finished.

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