Thursday snippets

My nephew gets married tomorrow. Posting could be slow for a couple of days as a result as family get-togethers aren’t that frequent around our way.

I’ll do my best to stay on top of everything, though.


A note I saw at, which I thought I’d commandeer and relate for my friends at Saab:

PR/Marketing 101.

Communicate MORE not LESS in troubled times to show you are alive. The vacuum created with LESS communications is always, always filled by forces outside of your control (i.e. news of bankruptcy, sales declines, plant shutdowns, layoffs, etc.)

Jason Vines
Franklin, MI

Jason Vines has worked as the communications head at both Ford and Chrysler in the past. A respected guy.


Time to catch up on a few stories that I haven’t had time to cover in the last few days…..


GM shares nosedived earlier this week after Fritz Henderson stated that bankruptcy was looking more and more likely, though he claimed it was still not inevitable.
It didn’t help the share price, of course, when the market found out that a bunch of GM executives – including Bob Lutz – had been given the green light to dump their shares. Lutz and five other execs sold their holding for around $315,000 (which sounds like a lot, but they’re probably crying, thinking about the price they’d have got if they had been allowed to sell them a year ago).

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