Tuesday Snippets – Remembering Bob Sinclair edition

There’s a couple of great tributes to former Saab USA chief, Bob Sinclair, hanging around the internet today. If you don’t know, Bob passed away on May 10 due to cancer.

UPDATE: There is a fantastic tribute over at the New York Times. Thanks nahtanoj!
UPDATE II: There’s also a fitting article at Motor Trend.

The Hemmings article that I linked to in an earlier piece on Bob has had some wonderful comments added to it from people who knew Bob over the years.

I came to know Bob Sinclare as a former Saab dealer (1975 – 1997). He was a true automobile enthusiast, an insightfull CEO, and a delightful gentleman. He made the rare effort to get to know all his dealers, he respected our opinions, and he became our friend. If not for his efforts, Saab and many of us dealers would not have prospered during his reign. I wish he were here to save the company today.

Bob was truly a Saab man’s Saab man.
There is also this tribute over at Edmunds (and by the way, Edmunds, that’s how you post a link, a common courtesy on the internet). Despite their lack of nettiquette, they do have a great ending to their piece:

It took Bob Sinclair less than 10 years to fashion a formidable image and reputation for Saab in North America, along with a near-fanatical following. It took GM considerably less time to gut the brand.

I couldn’t agree more. We need some more Bob Sinclairs at Saab today.
This Total Abstainer guy from Flickr – who I’ve featured a few times in the last few months – is really setting a high standard when it comes to Saab photography.
Another fantastic effort:
There will be a new UK-based Saab “megaforum” launching in the next few weeks.
It’s called Saabtalk and if the current forums out there aren’t shaking your tree, then perhaps that’s a URL you should bookmark.
It’s not live yet, but there is a signup box where you can receive notices about the progress, etc.
I have a strange mental relationship with tattoos.
As with car art, this is something I wouldn’t do myself, but I admire the dedication the person must have in order to get it done.
From James R:
For those who want to learn, Car and Driver have an instructional piece on how to do the Scandinavian Flick
Finally, to all those who have emailed me in the last week or so – my apologies if I haven’t sent a reply.
I’m getting to that point that some website operators get to, where the volume of email that comes in is pretty heavy and whilst I read everything, my capacity to reply is limited.
No offence is meant and I will try to credit all stories here on the site where appropriate.
I hope you understand.

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