Vote Saab at GTplanet

It’s been a long time since I’ve played Gran Turismo on a Playstation. We had trouble with our playstation breaking down all the time, actually, so we ditched it in favour of an Xbox, which has proven to be totally reliable. Or so the young fella tells me; I haven’t played a video game in years now.
One that I used to love was Gran Turismo. Apparently there’s a new version in development and due for release soon. It’ll be Gran Turismo 5.
GTplanet is not an official GT site, but it looks like they’re pretty well hooked up. A browse there is quite interesting, actually. Some of the driving controls they market for playing this game are incredible. How much gaming do you have to do before you seriously consider putting one of these controllers in your living room?
GTPlanet are running a voting system where you can place your vote for a car you’d like to see in Gran Turismo. If you want to give Saab a boost, then follow these steps:

  1. Click here to go to the voting front page.
  2. Type Saab in the “I Want….” panel
  3. Select the Saab you’d like to vote for, or create one if it’s not there.
  4. Rinse and repeat. You have 20 votes to play with.

I’m not sure this carries any weight with the developers of GT. The game’s probably well and truly on the way to being finished. But if they’re smart, they pay some attention to their enthusiast communities, so it can’t hurt.
Personally, I’d vote for the 900 Aero, the Pikes Peak Viggen and the Aero-X.
Thanks Eirik!

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