Weekend snippets – a whole lotta nuttin going on

It’s the weekend here and there probably won’t be that much writing going on. It’s been another gruelling week with plenty to report on.
I’ll be spending most of my weekend looking up Mazda parts that I can’t afford and when I’m not doing that, I’ll be putting together an all-new site from scratch for my wife. She’s just started to sell some of her paintings and wants to put them online.
This time yesterday, Opel belonged to GM. Now there’s MOU’s being prepared to sell it to some Canadians.
How’s that for change?
Since Reuters picked up on the Koenigsegg news, stories of Saab’s suitors have spread around the ‘net like wildfire. It’s great to see Saab get so much positive press, though the web publisher in me is a little frustrated about that fact that we’ve been covering these bidders right from the get-go and Dagens gets all the links.
I don’t want or need the recognition, but the inward linkage from so many highly ranked sources would have been very good for the future of this site.
About those stories then…..
These are just a few. It’s great that the stories are so positive, but perhaps what’s even better is the goodwill in comments to those threads.
Just about any story to do with Saab over the last few years has been laced with anti-GM snickery. This makes for a very pleasant change, I think.
Jalopnik: Koenigsegg wants to buy Saab
Motor Trend: Chinese out, Koenigsegg in as a potential Saab suitor
Autoblog: Koenigsegg a finalist in bid to buy Saab
Autospies: Koenigsegg is top remaining bidder to buy Saab
Edmunds: From jets to jets? Koenigsegg may buy Saab
Autocar: Koenigsegg bidding for Saab
The Motor Report – Koenigsegg keen to keep Saab in Sweden
Leftlane News: Koenigsegg interested in purchasing Saab
Auto Evolution: Saab Battle Down to U.S. Billionaire Ira Rennert, Koenigsegg
EgmCarTech: Koenigsegg is bidding for GM’s Saab
The interesting thing is that whilst all these reports are pretty much based on the initial Reuters story, they all care about one thing – Koenigsegg.
That’s where the interest is here and it’s this interest that Saab could tap into from a marketing perspective and capitalise on.
I hope Koenigsegg are working their tails off to get their best bid possible on Deutsche Bank’s desk. They’ve got a heck of a lot of good will behind them.

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