A better shot of THAT ng900 coupe

Last month I showed a small image of a prototype coupe that we think might have been made in Finland by Valmet as a proposition for Saab, back when they built the ng900 convertibles.
There wasn’t really much known about it (and still isn’t) but at least there’s a decent size photo now.
What we did find out on that previous entry is that the car is stored at a car museum in that place I have to always have to cut and paste Uusikaupunki.
One of the guys at Saabforum.nl has recently visited the museum and taken a few shots of some of the more interesting Saabs there (the red convertible’s a little freaky).
I’m just pleased to see another, larger shot of this car. It divided opinion last time we saw it but I quite liked it.

Thanks Jacco!

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