A thought for Bard Eker…..

Robert Collin has called him a playboy adventurer and his purchase of Saab a joke.
Mickey Mouse thinks that we who belive in the purchase of Saab by Koenigsegg are wet-dreamers who should wake up.
And the Scandinavian media is so hot on Bard Eker’s tail that he shut up shop and refused to speak until ‘the proper time’.
If you thought people weren’t interested in Saab’s purchase story, think again…..

Bård Ekere are tired of the influx of media around the Saab-purchase.
Founder and owner Koeningsegg Bård Ekere races against the influx of media in connection with a possible purchase of Saab, writes FredrikBlad.
I noted that some media boils on previous statements, but I do not say anything about SAAB-issue now. FredrikBlad, and all other media will wait until the time has come, says Ekere to the newspaper.

Personally, I’m pleased he’s decided to stop talking. Technically, this decision is still up in the air until the owners of GM – the US government – give it the green light.
But more than that, though, I’d love to see the Koenigsegg group do things on their own terms rather than bow to the demands of the mainstream media.
You might think that shunning some of the media is a bad idea. This is a good-news story and it should be told – and it will. But I tend to think that Koenigsegg should take more control of their message.
This is something that Saab themselves have done in the last few months.
When they began this separation process, there was a whole section of the media that didn’t even believe that Saab could be sold. Some said that there was nothing worthwhile selling.
What did Saab do?
They decided to pick and choose who got the stories. That’s why some media outlets got a preview drive of the new Saab 9-5 and others didn’t.
Want to cover the Saab story fairly? Come on over and let’s talk!
Want to talk like this deal, and Saab itself, have absolutely no chance? You can watch while everyone else coveres the story from the source.
This is probably a selfish philosophy on my part as I’ve got a vested interest in advocating this position.
See, I really think that no car company has taken full control of their communications in the way that the internet age could allow them to. This world that we live in has the potential to allow a company to connect directly with their customers in a way that few companies have tried before.
What we do here at SU and on other community-based sites is communicate a company’s message directly to the people who want to hear it.
You might think that’s a small audience. A number of people who buy a car might research it a little on the web beforehand, but few will continue on afterwards.
But with the interest that Saab will gain from the Koenigsegg connection, that number is going to grow. It’s the enthusiasts who hit the web and if Koenigsegg and Saab want to control their message, this is a way they can do it.

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