Aftonbladet on Koenigsegg buying Saab

It would seem that we’re looking for a big American investor behind Bard Eker and Koenigsegg’s bid for Saab.
Aftonbladet are reporting on the Koenigsegg decision (that would make a great title for a Robert Ludlum novel – The Koenigsegg Decision) and include some info about the backing.
Swedes can go here for the full story. Here’s the Googletrans:
Swedish super car manufacturer wants to take over the crisis company
ÄNGELHOLM / TROLLHÄTTAN. A small luxury car manufacturers are expected to take over Saab.
A month ago suggested the owner Bård Eker that Saab have to be scaled:
– For the Koenigsegg is ten man develops world’s fastest car.
The past few weeks, the automotive lashed by rumors that Swedish Koenigsegg is one of the stakeholders to Saab Automobile. Few, however, seriously believed that the small sports car manufacturer from Ängelholm is a realistic option as the new Saab Owner.
But yesterday revealed SVT that Koenigsegg is the only client that is still there and has already signed a letter of intent to buy Saab. According to the Reuters GM will announce the buyer on Monday or Tuesday.
Norwegian financier
Jesko von Koenigsegg, Senior Advisor at Koenigsegg Automotive, believe that the deal could be finalized in the near future:
– Before this is nails and clear, it may take a couple of weeks. I often say that nothing is settled before the money is in the bank, “he says.
Will Saab be a sports car now?
– If it becomes clear, as we do not know yet, will Koenigseggs brand and sports car feeling slightly shifted to Saab. It is in the business idea. Maybe Saab will be the car it had been, if it had not had such a large international owners.
Produces 20 cars per year
But the Koenigsegg is not the sole owner of Saab. According to a source at Saab are two funders – the Norwegian businessman Bård Eker and Eker Group, which is major owner of Koenigsegg, and a great American financier.
– Rate not Koenigsegg after production in Ängelholm in 20 Supersport cars a year. They have great sponsors behind them, “says the source to Aftonbladet.
Quick business
Yesterday, the Government Riksgälden clear that, once the deal is complete, begin negotiations with Saab, the new owner and the European Investment Bank on the government loan guarantees should be.
Aftonbladet has unsuccessfully tried to reach the founder and CEO Christian von Koenigsegg, 36. He has not been on since Monday.
– He is on the move, saying his wife and the company’s Communications Manager, Halldora von Koenigsegg.
For the Saab in Trollhättan, denies both unions and employers to Koenigsegg’s Saab. Information Director Eric Geer also rejects SVT’s reported that a letter of intent is signed.
– But it may come very quickly, “he says.
Major changes
Would Koenigsegg and Eker Group become Saab Owner, waiting likely major changes in Trollhättan.
– There is nothing to operate less efficiently than a car plant today. Saab has 1 200 engineers and ask your boss why you get the answer that it is a textbook that should be at least 600. For the Koenigsegg is ten man develops world’s fastest car, “said Bård Eker to Norwegian E24 a month ago.

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