An open letter to the Saab people in Trollhattan

James (aka 74Stingray) shot me an email with this idea: that he’d like to write a letter just to let the people of Trollhattan know just how much enjoyment he’s received from his car, which they built in the Saab factory there.
I’d had a similar idea in mind but hadn’t got around to addressing it, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of Someone other than me passing on these sentiments.
One, I think the people of Trollhattan know how much I love the place and the superb work they do. And two, James’ 9-3SC is his first Saab and I liked the idea of someone being moved enough by their first encounter with Saab to want to write about it in this manner.
So – to the good people in the good city of Trollhattan: this one’s for you….
Open Letter to Saab Employees: Thank you for having made, and continuing to make, fine automobiles.
In all the hustle and bustle of the automotive industry with GM and Chrysler filing bankruptcy, Opel, Fiat, Renco and Geely… all the big names are mentioned, the dollar amounts are thrown around, but the key part is often forgotten…. The assembly line workers in Trollhattan.
Throughout all the GM years, through all the bad press about Saab being GM’s “Swedish loss-making car unit” you went to work at the Saab factory and did your best. YOU, the factory worker, the engine builder, the dash assembler, engineer… still desired to design and produce fun to drive, safe and reliable cars.
For 10 years I have worked and maintained Ejection Seats for the Pennsylvania Air National Guard here in the United States…. But due to the “Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC)” of 2005, I will be out of work in a few months as my unit gets forced to close. But each and every day I still produce expertly maintained and safe ejection seats. I feel a dedication to my career as you do, to produce quality each and every day on the job. You have no end date, you go to work not knowing if an end date will come…. but still you produce beautiful, safe and downright fun to drive automobiles.
Aero Combi 74.jpg Honestly, I never thought I would buy a Saab until I test drove and bought a “Certified pre-owned” 2006 Sportcombi in February 2009. The looks of the car grabbed me, the rush of the turbo power refused to let me go. Since then I have fallen in love with the car and the Saab brand.
Each morning I read Saab news on “saabsunited” and eagerly await the 9-3X’s arrival in the US. I speak highly of my “combi” to fellow car enthusiasts here at work as they have Hondas, Nissans, Audis ect. They love to brag about how reliable their cars are. When they drone on about their cars I ask “But do you get excited to drive it?” and I always get the same response: they look at me strangely….. You see, I love driving my Saab. I drive it as much as I can and enjoy each mile I log on it.
In closing allow me to say “Thank you” for building a safe, fun to drive car to haul myself, my wife and our three Shetland Sheepdogs in, we very much enjoy each and every flight!
Very soon the black clouds will disappear and a brighter day will shine on Trollhattan and Saab!
Best of luck to my new friends in Trollhattan!

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