An open post-it note to the suits at Deutsche Bank

Everyone else has received one, so why not these guys?
It’s too short to be a letter. Here we go…..
Dear Deutsche Bank.
Saab needs a new owner. Pronto.
Every week that they don’t have a new owner, some website somewhere writes that they’re going down the tube and potential customers who aren’t informed lose faith.
I swear to you now that there’s at least one website who, if there’s no owner announced tomorrow, will have a story next week about how Britney Spears is really the mystery bidder trying to re-enter the process and how she plans to make Saab into a company making double-wide trailers.
This will happen. Or something at least as fanciful.
I don’t know if GM are paying you by the hour, but there’s a lot of good people in dealerships, service bays, reading this on a computer, working the line in Trollhattan – and all of these people need some certainty.
You got candidates? Sort them out. You gotta make some calls? Make some calls. You need help? I’m qualified. On paper, at least.
Less long lunches. More decisions. Capisce?

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