Another successful Saab Cabrio Challenge

When I got an email through asking me to take a look at some pictures from the Saab Cabriolet Challenge, I figured something must have been wrong. It’s too early.
The Challenge was to have taken place in late June, just before the Saab Days that’ll be held in Trollhattan as a low-key replacement for the usual Saab Festival (though I think there’s still going to be something big to celebrate when that comes around!).
For whatever reason, the organisers decided to move the Cabrio Challenge forward by a few weeks and it was held last weekend, instead.
As you can see, the scenery was pretty good, even if the weather wasn’t.
The event was held over a few days, with participants navigating through various parts of western Sweden with some stops for fine dining and accommodation along the way.
They even had a stop to take in some rock carvings and paintings around Trollhattan, and it looks like the Saab gods have been in action there 🙂
There are a number of fantastic photos over the Saab Turbo Club of Sweden forum. That Monte Carlo yellow C900 convertible is a real sight to behold!
Despite the non-convertible type weather they had, I’m sure everyone had a great time in the company of other ‘vert owners and it’s good to see some were adventurous enough to get the top down when a brief respite from the rain permitted.
Thanks to Trued for the event and the photo links!

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