Bard Eker speaks about Saab

Another story breaks while I’m sleeping. I tell ya, I’m going to have to go into vampire mode…..
Bard Eker, the man who holds 49% of Koenigsegg and the main voice behind their bid for Saab, has done a brief interview with
Here’s the Googletrans of some interesting bits. I think an open letter to Mr Eker might be in the pipeline. Let me just say this, quickly: I’m beginning to like this deal more and more, and it has little to do with the romance of the notion. I like this guy’s way of thinking.
There have been some poisonous comments in the Swedish media. I want to make one thing quite clear, we are not buying Saab only to chop it up (sell bits and pieces, ed note). There is no such plan,” says co-owner of the car manufacturer Koenigsegg, Bård Ekere, to Dagbladet.
International attention
Thursday night SVT revealed that Koenigsegg, of which Eker owns 49 percent, with a number of Norwegian investors in the back, will move up as needed to take over kriserammede Saab stable and the 52-year-old Swedish pride is back. (note: that should be 62 years – SW)
Buyers will have signed a letter of intent with the U.S. owners General Motors (GM).
– We believe it is possible and that we have several good solutions to take with us into Saab, “says Ekere.
While his secretary has spent days on the phone to explain to the international media as the New York Times and Bloomberg that Ekere is not in the office, he takes the time to meet Dagbladet in Fredrikstad.
Next week
With the trademark and production, including in Trollhättan in Sweden, following a debt of 10.5 billion and 3400 employees. Negotiating an acquisition is now fully in Zurich.
– There have been many processes at once to get to purchase and there can still emerge some reefs in the sea,” says Ekere, which does not itself negative, to Saab’s own statement that a deal may already be in place next week.
Despite the financial crisis also allows them to feel in Scandinavia “there are many investors who want to be with” to finance the acquisition, says Ekere.
– But the amount of money and who are with us I will not say,” says Ekere, who has been heavily into the design since the last series Koenigsegg, CCX.
What is the most important and Koenigsegg takes you more input as owners?
– Culture and technology. Saab must be more innovative, not given an A4 template, which is some what General Motors did. And Saab’s culture must be stronger, with the dealer, customers and the Trollhättan, that we and investors like to be a catalyst for, say car.
– Breakthrough technology
While Saab is not always linked to the “speed and power”, Koenigsegg is the world’s fastest-cars, with unique technology and design.
– I am sure we have some good solutions for Saab, with groundbreaking technology. And we do not take no for an answer when a new idea comes up.
– Is the investment in fuel cells and electric cars a possible scenario?
– Yes. No matter what part of the transport industry you work in, you have to think about the environment.
Ekere stressed that the agreements are not in place yet and that they are dependent on goodwill from all levels.
– We have had very good vid of sails since we started, but we may soon on a new level: When must the guys on the floor would be to invest. It keeps that a few will not, that the plans will go wrong, “says Ekere.
– Would you come to where you are now if the trade union movement was clearly negative?
– No, we would not like, but I want to say anything that could harm the negotiations now. Trade union movement in the Saab is important and will avoid any major dismissals. At the same time we live in a world where it happens.
– Will all the 3400 employees keep the job?
– It is not the intention to terminate many, but this I can not say more now.
Union emphasized today that three companies will take over Saab. He believes the media’s focus on that the parties have signed a declaration of intent has been exaggerated.
Secret investors
Ekere will not comment on who the investors will buy the Saab is.
– I can not say. But I’ve been involved with the speculation in the newspapers and it has been fun, there has appeared a lot of things, “says Ekere.

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