Burn Notice = cancelled

Saab had a product placement deal for a few years in the US television show, Burn Notice. I know a few people here were fans of the show, perhaps a little moreso because of the convertible that was often featured on it.
Apparently the new season started yesterday and as you might imagine – with virtually no SaabUSA any more, let alone an advertising budget – there was no sexy convertible being driven by the show’s leading lady, Fiona.
Gripen gave me the update:

There was no mention of and no appearance by Fiona’s Saab 9-3 ‘vert.
Also, the only General Motors vehicle seen was the really old convertible Buick introduced in the last episode of last season (Michael Weston’s friend Sam drives it).
They showed the whole gang (Michael, Fiona, Sam, and a new guy who turned out to be bad) in Michael’s old Dodge Charger.
All the other vehicles (mostly bad guys’ vehicles, but also a service van the good guys used) were all Ford vehicles and the badging was prominently displayed.
At one point they showed a shot of the good guys’ van pulling right up to the camera and you can see the Ford oval directly in center of the screen but it was solid black and didn’t say “Ford”. I’m wondering if this was a stab by the show’s producers at GM.

Now, on to a burn notice of a different type.
For those who are interested, this is the letter GM dealers received last month to tell them that their dealership was not part of the new GM’s future.
One page of text. So many consequences.
Click to enlarge.
Thanks to you-know-who-you-are.

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