Cadillac on ADL-TV

There’s only one person I can think of who could get me to say a kind word about Cadillac – that would be my Dad, and he passed away 24 years ago.
So instead of trying to manufacture a kind word about GM’s pet, I’ll simply direct you to Automobiles Deluxe and let you watch 7 minutes of Caddy-kindness for yourselves.
Why would I do this?
For starters, I know that some people – even here – still maintain a respect for Cadillac, what they might have represented in the past and the renaissance they’ve undergone in the last few years. If that’s you, then here’s something grand.
Secondly, the video’s been made by an old friend of Trollhattan Saab and SU, Gunnar Heinrich. He’s the too-smooth man in the jacket asking the questions.
And third, like every video that Gunnar and his ADL posse makes, this one’s superb to watch (even if it is about Cadillac)

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