CAR Magazine salutes the Saab 9-5

PT was kind enough to scan and send over a page from the latest edition of CAR Magazine, from the UK.
In a column they cal ‘Final Drive’ they have a tribute to what seems to be one of their favourite cars over the years – the Saab 9-5. Maybe some of you Europeans need to clue us up on this, too, as they claim their favourite version of the 9-5 was the one with the Isuzu V6 diesel. Hmph.
Here’s a few selected quotes. You’ll have to buy the magazine to read the full deal (there’s also a good writeup on the Insignia).

I started writing this at least five years ago, round about the time we thought the 9-5 surely must be due for replacement…..I’m a slow writer, but I rarely take 5 years to write 450 words…..
…..The incomprehensible delay in replacing what is one of only two model lines flags up the utter hash General Motors has made of its Swedish asset….
…..It had a slightly imperfect, offbeam coolness of the kind that also defines Alfa Romeo. Enough coolness to make it worshipped almost fetishistically by sufficient customers either side of the Atlantic, cementing a business case only GM could fail to open and shut…..
….Inside, the 9-5 was simply brilliant….the Swedes understand furniture (the seats) like the French understand cuisine….
…..Purist drivers, badge snobs, the uninitiated and those who crave the safety of the tribe never got the 9-5. Here in the motoring press we rarely hailed it, almost never gave it a slot in a 5-series group test. But when I was editing this magazine back in 2002 I ran a 9-5 saloon as a long-term test car. And I still, to this day, miss it.

A fitting goodbye for a fantastic automobile.
Well done to the author, Greg Fountain, and thanks to PT for sending the scan.

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