Christian Von Koenigsegg speaks on the Saab deal

The following is a transcript from TTELA, the local newspaper in Trollhattan.
As you might expect, stories about Saab are filling the tops spots on their website right now.
This is one of them.
Long-term and Swedish
Christian von Koenigsegg on intentions with the purchase of Saab
A Long Term Swedish car company. This is the intention behind Koenigsegg’s purchase of Saab. So says Christian von Koenigsegg to media today.
At the same time he points out that it is a financially strong consortium behind the deal and not just Koenigsegg.
– It became clear during the spring that Saab has great concern,” said Christian von Koenigsegg, when TT today met him in the production and exhibition hall at the factory outside Ängelholm.
– Within our group and the network to which I belong, we started to think about the issue and felt that we could contribute to create a solution for Saab and a long-term Swedish car company,” he continues.
He emphasizes that it is a financially strong consortium behind the proposed deal, not just the small sports car manufacturer.
– It is a misunderstanding. It is not the small car Koenigsegg taking over. We are a purchasing group,” he says.
Christian von Koenigsegg does not want to tell how many millions Saab cost.
– I would not go into any details of the current situation, we are in the negotiation phase with GM and offers no comments on it.
That Saab, for several years, has been characterized by miljardförluster (I think that means big losses – SW) not stop the financiers behind Koenigsegg.
– We have gone through Saab in detail and seen what there is for the strengths and weaknesses and we believe that our entrepreneurial spirit and the skills we have in the automobile, and other sectors in our group, can help create a long-term and successful Saab. This is a process that will take time and require much patience and work.
Koenigsegg Group consists mainly of a group of entrepreneurs of a different nature. In addition to Christian von Koenigsegg himself included Mark Alan Bishop, Bård Eker and Augi K Fabela, who is the chairman.
Christian von Koenigsegg can not make any guarantees about jobs in the Saab will remain in Sweden.
– If we become owners of Saab, we shall do our utmost to create a powerful company that can live on the international market.
But stop the jobs left in Trollhättan?
– Our ambition is to build a Swedish car company with all that implies.
Does it mean that the jobs stay in Sweden?
– Yes, very much, “said Christian von Koenigsegg.

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