CvK talking the talk on Saab

This quote was picked up by Karen and dropped into comments. I think it’s a pretty important one to get a feel for what Koenigsegg might want to do with Saab:
…..quoted in new AP article “New investors face tough road ahead to right Saab” By TOM KRISHER and LOUISE NORDSTROM

“…Von Koenigsegg, in an interview with Swedish television, seemed to agree, saying that the new owners would try to restore some of the brand’s heritage while finding a place in the market between upscale and mainstream. “This is neither a luxury or a people’s car, but it has its own niche — a bit of postmodern comfort, sporty, but with environmental thinking,” von Koenigsegg said. “We want to capture the Swedish aspect too. GM had a bit more of an international approach, and Saab drowned a little bit in that context. … Von Koenigsegg dismissed criticism about his company having no experience in large-scale production, saying it isn’t needed because Saab has that knowledge. He said Koenigsegg can contribute green solutions and engine technology.”

Between upscale and mainstream is a fairly delicate niche to carve out, but it’s probably about right.
The most important bit is Swedish identity, which is what Saab sorely needs once again.
CvK’s first assignment is to harness everything Saab’s got in terms of design capability, maybe pair it with Eker Group’s design facility, and put together an absolute killer of a Saab 9-3.
They would have viewed a 9-3 prototype as part of the Showroom of The Future that they saw in the bidding process, but I’ve got a feeling that that car isn’t going to cut it.
The next Saab 9-3 will be the biggest statement in the company’s history. Period. It needs a signifcant separator to distinguish this as an all-new car from an all-new company.

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