Dead Saabs don’t wear plaid

UPDATED below!!!
I featured Andy Rupert’s custom plaid door inserts in his C900 (now sold) way back in March 2007.
We both thought that he had the monopoly on the plaid market until recent Flickr activity unearthed another plaid-clad Saab 900, though this time in a red-ish-pink-ish tone that’s a bit more of an acquired taste.
I emailed Andy when I saw the door and we both found it amusing. Andy even included a quick post on his blog (which is in an all-new format and still excellent reading!).
Now this new plaidster has taken things to a Whole New Level.
The classic Saab 900 is known for it’s troublesome roof lining, as many of you will know. I’d wager more than 75% of Saab 900s have had their roof linings re-done during their lifetime.
This 900 was obviously no different and when it came time to re-trim the roof…….you guessed it!
Andy no longer owns his 900, which I linked to at the start of this post.
I don’t know who this new plaidster is, but I wish Andy still had his car as I’d live to see a plaid war started. It’d only be over when someone plaided up their paintwork 🙂
I just had to update this post with an image from Charls, in comments.
This is his C900 roof liner, done with textiles purchased at Ikea. Top marks for originality there!!!

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