Could this possibly be another Saab ‘green’ technology-share for the future?
It’s an independant operation, but it’s Swedish (in Uppsala), it looks to be quite innovative, and they’ve used a Saab 9-3 convertible as their display car.
The company is called True Electric and they’ll be displaying the car – which is operational and ready for test drives – at an event called Almedalen 2009. It’s hard for me to understand exactly where this is being held from the translation, but I’m sure you Swedes can find it.
True Electric’s technology involves Lithium Ion batteries like other electric vehicles, but the difference seems to be the way they’re managed. Each sell is individually regulated and instead of using thousands of batteries (like other electric vehicles) the True Electric model uses only 160 for a travel distance of around 300km.
It should be less costly to install and maintain, as well. Conversion of existing cars is a few years away, but they’re hoping to nail it down to the lower end of the 50,000 to 100,000 SEK price range. Maintenance should be cheaper because with individually regulated cells, you can replace an individual cell if faulty, rather than replace the whole battery pack.
It’s certainly an interesting technology (and a good looking car to model it with). I hope they can take this further, preferably with that little Swedish company in Trollhattan.
Thanks to Daniel G for the links!

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