Expressen on Koenigsegg buying Saab

My thanks to Arild for the Googletrans provided in comments.
This story originates at Expressen:
The Swedish family von Koenigsegg has begun final negotiations on the Saab Automobile.
With Christian von Koenigsegg at the forefront, the carmaker is discussing the final details with General Motors in Zurich, according to the Expressen.
– We think this is interesting and exciting. And very much point to it as we hope, “says director Jesko von Koenigsegg to Expressen.
Now Saab’s future is determined. Still last night discussed the General Motors with the Swedish Koenigsegg car on the final details of a purchase. Saab’s leadership, together with General Motors, have picked out the sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg to be the buyer who get a chance to piece together a business.
Board member and the company Koenigseggs Senior Advisor Jesko von Koenigsegg says to Expressen:
– The group that Koenigsegg Automotive is part of, I think is very good. If everything is ready, we’ll go out with a press release and tell all that apply and provide answers to all questions.
Attractive plans
One reason that Saab and GM chose Koenigsegg is that they were the only car manufacturer that was in the final selection. Koenigseggs plans for Saab is also said to have spoken mainly Saab pipeline.
Behind the small Swedish sports car manufacturer – with a turnover of over SEK 100 million and a 20-tal-made cars per year – there are individuals and companies with financial muscle, according Jesko von Koenigsegg.
– It may be cause for unnecessary speculation if you think that it is only Koenigsegg Automotive, which is behind this. It is a group that makes it and who think this is incredibly inspiring and exciting.
Norske multi millionaire Bård Eker owns 49 percent of the Koenigsegg and has been identified as a major Saab enthusiast.
– My dream is to buy Saab, has Bård Eker said in several interviews during the winter.
Yesterday did not want to Bård Eker comment on the deal.
– I can not comment on it here yet, “says Bård Eker to the Norwegian home
According to reports in Norwegian newspapers today, there are a number of Norwegian investors behind Bård Eker and in Norway there is a hope that Saab will now use the Norwegian subcontractors.
Jesko von Koenigsegg see an advantage in the Saab, a Swedish partner.
To raise brand
To quiet affair in the port is the company’s CEO, Christian von Koenigsegg, in place in Zurich where negotiations are taking place.
– Would it be that we hope is a Swedish solution where our aim will be to raise the Saab brand further by introducing what we can provide. And by the Christian can bring in terms of technical know-how. That is where we feel that there is an opportunity to do what Saab might have done themselves if they ended up with a major shareholder.
Do you think about the new Saab 9-5 [in this regard]?
– Yes, it’s great stuff and with a small [investment] could be made even more exciting.
Awaiting feedback
Industry Minister Maud Olofsson was yesterday unavailable for comment.
– Furthermore, it is not Government should not comment because it is not the government to buy or sell Saab, “says her press secretary Frank Nilsson.
Social Democratic economic policy spokesman Thomas Eneroth also declines to comment on.
– No comment before anything is official, said his press secretary, Daniel Färm.

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