Friday Night Snippets – KoenigSaab edition

Go Vote!
There’s absolutely no point to this poll, but I’m going to invite you to participate anyway, just for fun.
Autoblog are running a poll asking whether people think the Koenigsaab deal is a good thing. As I write this, 91.4% of voters agree with the deal.
KoenigSaab poll.jpg
Head on over to Autoblog to have your say. Let’s see if we can lift it to at least 95%.
Thanks to JuergU!
New Logo??
SAB dropped this in comments and Etienne has it up on his site as well. I’m not sure who got there first (though it looks like one of Steve’s designs) so credit to both!
Simon Padian
There’s a good, quick interview with one of Saab’s chief designers, Simon Padian, at a site called In Design Live.

What are the trends that you are setting with your design and how do these tie in with your design ethics?
I am not so sure Saab design is about consciously setting trends, rather about strengthening the brand identity and offering a clear alternative to the mainstream.
Saab design should be seen to adhere to the philosophy of Scandinavian design and to provide a clear, distinctive and progressive aesthetic that the brand deserves.
As such rather than creating trends I would like Saab design to always be one step ahead and to be respected as a leader in design – much the same way that Apple has become.

A good, quick read.
Thanks to “Me”!

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