Fuel for thought from Hirsch Performance

Here’s a few snippets from Saab’s only official tuning house – Hirsch Performance….
On video……
First of all, if you’d like to see a little bit of Hirsch on TV, go to this link and look for the following program:
The video is not in English, but it gives a peek into Hirsch’s facilities and car collection. The Hirsch/Saab section of the vide starts at 10:00 and goes for just over 3 minutes.
On fuels……
Petrol and BioPower vehicles with performance upgrades from Hirsch Performance have been designed to benefit from petrol rated at 98 RON or E85 rated at 104RON.
They will, however run fine without any risk of engine damage on petrol rated at least at 91RON, thanks to the knock-detection and fuel adaptation technology in the vehicles’ ECU’s. However, especially in hot and high-altitude environments, the performance will be automatically reduced if the octane rating of the fuel used is insufficient. Besides performance, the fuel consumption will also increase slightly with lower octane fuel, due to the lower efficiency of the combustion. Hirsch Performance therefore recommends running performance upgraded cars with 98RON petrol, or 104RON E85 for BioPower cars, to achieve maximum performance and fuel efficiency.
For diesel vehicles, the efficiency of the combustion is not primarily limited by the fuel’s cetane rating but by other design factors, and there are therefore no significant performance advantages with higher-rated diesel.
For both petrol, E85 and diesel fuels, high quality clean fuel is vital for the durability and reliability of the engine, as well as its emission levels. A common problem with diesel fuel is the presence of sootforming compounds that can risk blocking the particle filter. E85 imported from overseas can contain too high salt levels due to exposure to sea water spray, causing internal engine corrosion problems.
Suspended particles and chemical impurities in petrol, E85 and diesel all tend to cause starting problems and rough running, as well as failure to meet emissions standards. The quality of automotive fuel has improved immensely the last few years, but can still vary significantly between suppliers and regions. In temperate climates, it is also common to use different fuel qualities in winter and summer.
Hirsch Performance therefore recommends consistently using fresh new fuel from well-known highquality suppliers to ensure a long engine life with the lowest possible exhaust emissions.
On tap……
The following table will give current and prospective BioPower owners an idea of the boost available from Hirsch Performance in 2009.
Boosted numbers are repreented in the top half of the table and original factory numbers in the bottom half.
Click to enlarge.
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