Glad Midsommar och skal!

It’s midsommar holiday time in Sweden this weekend so there’ll be beer and schnapps, potatoes, herring and lots of grown men dancing around maypoles.
For those who are new to it, here’s a few introductory notes:

midsommar-w2001.gifMidsummer is a national holiday in Sweden and is celebrated on the weekend nearest June 24.
Swedes celebrate Midsummer with equal gusto to Americans partying on the Fourth of July. Families and friends gather and are especially fond of doing so in their summer cottages located around lakes and along the shore.
Every Swedish town, city and province celebrates Midsummer – the longest day of the year.

And of course, the good news for we Aussies is that it’s around the shortest day of the year. Geez I hate winter!!
My guess is that midsommar celebrations around Trollhattan will be particularly enthusiastic this year given the story of Saab’s survival and new ownership we’ve seen in the last week or so.
Live it up, Sweden!!!!

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