Good morning. Did I miss something??

8.47pm last night – heard that Merbanco were out of the running. (bummer)
9.20 pm or so…. Spoke with Saab Sweden – no news. Anxiously waiting.
9.30 – 11.30pm – watched The Footy Show
11.30pm – Too many late nights. Been up to 1.30am most nights. Getting too much. Must go to bed.
12am – Start reading “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote
12.55am – Turn off light.
1.08am – first email hits my inbox about KOENIGSEGG SIGNING LETTER OF INTENT TO FREAKING WELL BUY SAAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saab’s official line – via email around 3 hours ago….

For the record:
Investor situation

  • There has been no GM or Saab Automobile announcement relating to potential investors
  • However we will present the preferred candidate in the near future
  • Until then we will not speculate on any potential investor identities
  • We expect to have the new ownership structure finalized in the early summer

My 2 cents coming in the next hour or so, including some Djup Strupery and why I’m sitting here way less excited about this announcement than what I thought I’d be.
UPDATE – Thanks to Turbin for this updated photo…… 🙂

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