Help John: Saab 9-3SC vs Saab 9-5 wagon

I got an email overnight from a Canadian reader, John M.
He begins thus:

I didn’t buy my first Saab until about 13 years ago, a ’83 non-turbo 900 for my wife. I was told at the used car lot that I would be nuts to take it to the local Saturn-Saab-Isuzu dealer for servicing, but that the local independent expert would do a good job servicing the car. That same week I bought a *shudder* Chrysler *Cringe* mini van that I needed for work. I naively thought that the Saab would likely be more trouble as it was older and didn’t come with a warranty. Well needless to say I am now looking to buy my seventh used Saab and I don’t know if I could EVER buy American again.

These Saabs do have a way of working themselves into your lives, don’t they? They’re a bit like pets but faster, more obedient and in most cases, easier to sit on.
Anyway, John’s contemplating picking up another Saab for the family garage and continues as follows:

Question- I am considering buying a used Saab 93 or 95 wagon, probably a 2005 or ’06. My heart says 93 Aero but there is a bigger discount for older 95’s. What do you think?

I’ve passed on my opinion, which is that if they’re around the same price, I’d look for a 9-5 Aero wagon. The B235R engine is a cracker, they’re well equipped, safe, well sized and easily upgradeable if you want a bit more poke.
I do love the Saab 9-3 SportCombi. A 2006 model Aero with the V6 and button dash would be a dream come true.
But at similar money (if that’s indeed the case) then I’d have to pick the 9-5 Aero. Especially if it has ventilated seats 🙂
Comments are open for your thoughts on the 9-3 vs 9-5 wagon debate.

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