Hotter Saabs? Yes! Like this one? NO!!!!

On the whole, I think many people are looking forward to the possibility of some slightly hotter looking Saabs coming out of the factory in the future.
The relationship with Koenigsegg and the possibility of some design work from the Eker people means that the door is open for some more distinctive Saab design.
Memo to the new guys: more identifiable and more unique is good. But not like this……
Wulf found this Saab 9000 for sale online – for $18,000!!!!!! – and shot me the link (and shot might be the operative word when you see that last interior photo. Is that a blood stain on the floor?)
I like my custom Saabs, but I can’t say I like this.
The car is for sale in Michigan and if you’re interested in paying $18,000 for this denigration of Swedish style, then I’ve got some wonderful blocks of swamp land I’d like to show you…….

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