I need your hypermiling driving tips!

This weekend, I’ll be taking the Monte Carlo on an economy run with other members of the Saab Car Club here in Tasmania.
It’s the first club event that car’s been on, actually, so I’m really looking forward to it. I’m not sure if there are prizes involved, but I believe it is a competitive event – aiming to use as little fuel as possible ever the 150km or so of driving we’ll do.
I’ve had a read over WooDz’s guide to driving for mileage, and I’ve got myself used to the idea of cleaning out ALL the clutter, staying within the first 3rd of the turbo gauge and slowing well in advance of a light.
But if anyone else out there has some experience with this type of one-off event and has some tips for a first-timer, please feel free to drop your advice in comments.
At least we get a free lunch!

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