JAJ on video: the Koenigsegg deal

An ominous phrase: “now is when the real work actually starts…..”
You’d think Jan-Ake is ready to taper off, wouldn’t you? But he’s right. What they’ve been doing up ’til now is entertaining the guests. Now that one of those guests has moved in, it’s time to really get to know one another.
And just before I toss you the links to the video, here’s something I noticed while watching it that I hadn’t seen before:
The SAAB stamping on the internal panel, at the top of the wheel arch. Click to enlarge and you should see it OK.
If you are using Internet Explorer, or otherwise have trouble watching video on this site, you should click here and watch the video directly on Youtube.
If you usually get to watch video here OK (probably using a Mac or browsing with Firefox) then go ahead – the video is waiting for you after the jump.


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