JAJ presenting at Almadalen

TTELA report that Saab’s head honcho Jan-Ake Jonsson will be making a presentation at the Almadalen Week event in Visby, off southeast Sweden.
This is the same Almadalen 2009 where the True Electric Saab 9-3 convertible will be hanging out as well as other key players in the automotive industry and government.
TTELA don’t know what the subject of his presentation will be, but any insight into Saab’s future in conjunction with Koenigsegg would be welcome news.
If anything comes through, I’ll keep you posted.
Also in TTELA is news of a German citizen attempting to contest Saab’s composition accord, whereby they pay 25% of owed debts in 12 months time.
He contended that as he pays some tax in Sweden, he was within his rights to contest the agreement. It sounds as if he wasn’t actually owed any money, but was just disagreeing with the accord in principle.
The Swedish District Court dismissed his appeal.
Dagens Industri have a report on Almadalen, with a little quote on the True Electric people:

The system, which has been developed with aid from the developing company Innovatum in Trollhättan, is also intended for direct new production of eletrical cars, and Electroengine already have made agreements for cooperation with car manufacturers.

They already have agreements?

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