JAJ: previous bidder interested in re-entering process

It only took one line from a press release back in 2006 to pick up that there was going to be a major refresh of the Saab 9-3 in mid-2007.
This is only one line in a news article and I’m not sure at this point how significant it is, but it definitely has potential:

When asked about the identity of a potential new owner, Jonsson said: “We have two that we are having serious discussions with and one that is interested in coming back into the process.”

That’s Jan-Ake Jonsson speaking to AFP and the ramifications of that one sentence could be huge.
Right now we’re looking at a two-way contest between The (somewhat evil) Renco Group and (the amazingly cool) Koenigsegg for the future ownership of Saab.
The big question now is whether or not JAJ is referring to Beijing Automotive, who are believed to have been the Chinese bidder Saab were dealing with (and who faded out of the picture last week when they made a late play for Opel)……………………. OR ……………….. whether this is one of the “top 10” bidders who got the tour around Saab’s facilities and a decent look at the future program but weren’t included in the original top 3.
And before anyone asks if it could be FIAT, remember that FIAT weren’t one of the original 27 companies, haven’t done the tour around Trollhattan, are busy with the whole Chrysler thing and were ruled out by GM’s Fritz Henderson himself at the press conference today.
As Australia’s own Men at Work sang back in the 1980’s – Who can it be, now?

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