Koenigsegg group – registration applied for. Is this Saab’s proposed new owner?

With many thanks to Erik in comments……
The following is a Googletrans of an article appearing DN.se:

Koenigsegg want to set up group
Koenigsegg want to form a group and has applied to the Swedish Companies Registration Office for the formation of limited liability Koenigsegg Group. Can there be a way for the company to prepare the site for Saab Automobile?
The request came in just two weeks ago, May 29.
– I can not comment on it, “Halldora von Koenigsegg, who besides being married with Christian von Koenigsegg is also active in his company and work at the financial department at the car plant outside Ängelholm.
Koenigsegg Group will devote itself to “itself and by group companies to produce and trade with passenger and related products and services, and associated activities in and outside Sweden.”
According to the request which has been submitted to the Swedish Companies Koeningsegg Group will take over a complete corporate identity from a ‘stock company.
Around 22 percent of the shares in the new company should be owned by American Mark Alan Bishop.
The largest shareholder is Alpraaz with 42.5 percent. It is Christian von Koenigseggs first company he started as a 20-year-old in 1992. According to the statutes dealing with consultancy in technology, marketing and finance, and trading in securities. Halldora von Koenigsegg is President.
The second largest shareholder with a stake of nearly 23.5 percent, the Koenigsegg Automotive, the company which in turn is owned 49 percent of Norwegian Eker Group.
Eker Group will also be direct owners of Koenigsegg Group with a share of nearly 12 percent.
The Chairman of the Board shall be the American aUgi K Fabel. The Board proposed three members: Christian von Koenigsegg (CEO), Mark Alan Bishop, and the owner of Eker Group Bård Eker. Melissa Joan Schwartz is deputy of the board.

I mentioned this guy, Mark Bishop, last week.
Again, I can find no mention of him via Google, even using the full name. There is one Mark Bishop mentioned as a member of an equity group out of New York, but the mail that’s come to me is that this guy’s from California.
Whoever he is, it’d be nice to know what his, and the Koenigsegg Group’s intentions are for Saab Automobile and their staff.
I’m confident that their intentions are good and that they see plenty of value to be unlocked by such a good brand and automotive philosophy. It’s the lack of knowing that’s a killer in this instance.
OK, nothing on ‘The Bish’ so far, but Augie Fabela’s all over the web.
It seems he’s a US-based businessman who’s previously had interests in telecommunications in Russia. A company called VimpelCom. He was the Chairman of the board there until 2002 and bought a lot western style governance and transperancy to the organisation. He’s written on the subject and from a first quick skim, there’s plenty of international experience there.
I’m not sure what he’s up to now. It’s late.

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