Koenigsegg in name only?

UPDATE: Koenigsegg buying story on Bloomberg news video
My main fears were that the Koenigsegg bid may be short of funds to pull off a transaction for a company of Saab’s size.
According to Dagens Industri, that might not be a problem at all.
Oh, and Koenigsegg might not be involved as much as we think, either.
The Googletrans, via Arild in comments:

Koenigsegg is only the facade
Updated 2009-06-12 05:57
A group of Norwegian and American investors, led by Koenigseggs major owner Bård Eiken (left), has written a letter of intent with GM to buy Saab. This according to Dagens Industri.
Since the beginning of the year, Bård Eiken, major owner of sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg, has raised capital to buy Saab, writes Dagens Industri. Koenigsegg itself and its CEO Christian von Koenigsegg has nothing to do with the affair, but is only a brand which money is collected behind.
And money is abundant, according to DI. The buyers should have as strong finances that they do not need to take the Swedish government loan guarantees.

The composition of Koenigsegg’s bid was pretty much unknown, hence the caution due to the carmaker’s small size.
It’ll be interesting to see the details of this come out over time. I’ll be taking the lead from the Swedish media as I have no insiders with access to K-Segg at all.
Thanks to Niklas and Arild in comments!!

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