Koenigsegg start due diligence this week

Here’s just a quick update as to where I believe we’re at with the Saab sale situation. Let’s call these well educated guesses.
It’s my understanding that the financial reps on Koenigsegg’s team (either staff or hired guns) will have commenced at Saab doing their due diligence work on the company to assess just what it is they’ve got themselves into. Actually, a San Diego newspaper stated last week that mysterious K-Segg Group stakeholder, Mark Bishop, was in Europe last week….maybe he’s still in Europe now? But I digress……
Potential suitors got to have an initial look at Saab’s situation some weeks ago and they based their bids for Saab on what they saw. Now is the time for the thorough inspection by GM’s preferred bidder.
Remember, this isn’t a done deal at this point. What’s been signed is a memorandum of understanding, not the metaphorical bill of sale.
Now the parties with the most at stake get to have an unvarnished look at the risk they’re taking:
For Koenigsegg: this means a good look at Saab’s operations and potential. What’s it going to cost to run, what’s needed for new models, dealership finance, marketing, etc. All this and more.
For the EIB: they’ll be giving Saab’s plans and Koenigsegg’s support a good look as well, though I suspect they’re not too worried as the loan applications they receive from K-Saab will be accompanied by guarantees from…..
The Swedish government: These guys are still the joker in the deck. Whilst it’s the EIB that’s handing out the money, it’s the Swedish government that’s assuming the risk. If they’re doing their job properly, then they’ll be having a good hard look at Koenigsegg and their backers as well.
I hope after everyone’s laid their cards on the table, that this deal still looks as good as the marketing potential it represents.
Both companies might have a lot to lose, but they’ve also got the whole world to gain if they can pull it together.

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