Koenigsegg visit Saab

No wonder they’ve got no time for interviews….
TTELA report that Christian Von Koenigsegg and Bard Eker are/were on site at Saab in Trollhattan today.
They’re theorising that one of the other guys in black suits (CvK is the one who’s not so hirsute) is Augie Fabela, the Chairman of the Koenigsegg Group board. I’m not so sure about that. They look a little young to me.
TTELA were not able to get an interview. It seems the line is that GM and K-Segg are still in negotiations and whilst that’s the case, they won’t be talking.
A pity, really. It’s a good opportunity to get a groundswell of belief going. As I’ve said here before: the media is a beast, and the beast will be fed.

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