Koenigsegg want Saab to build Swiss solar cars – report

Could we really all be driving Swiss solar-cell cars in just a few years time? Revolutionary vehicles that would be built in Saab’s factory in Trollhattan?
It sounds like fantasy, but Swedish news service Readtid.se published an article over the weekend, based on sources apparently familiar with Koenigsegg’s intentions.
Those intentions, in summary, are the acquisition of Saab’s manufactuing ability in order to produce a production version of the NLV Quant concept car that they showed at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year.
The following is an edited and shortened Googletrans
Swiss environmental behind Koenigsegg-business
Small sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg’s purpose behind buying Saab Automobile is to get [access to] Saab’s factory to build electric cars, with the Swiss company NLV Solar AG.
It is a committed source who tells us about the plans.
Why do you think Koenigsegg wants to buy Saab Automobile?
– No one has been viewing the links to Swiss NLV Solar AG and future cars, electric cars, where of course Koenigsegg designed “Quant-Car NLV who actually owns the right to,” says the source.
– You need a car plant to produce car series, that is, especially with government guarantees.
– It is expensive to build the factory. Compare with electric car manufacturer Tesla needs of government loans in the U.S. to build its cars in California.
– So why not buy a factory cheap?
Koenigseggs main shareholders are the Norwegian Bård Eker. Founder and CEO is Christian von Koenigsegg.
The source stresses that none of them ever spend any of their own money.
– They are more economical than Kronblom and Kamprad together.
– The money comes from someone else with an interest in buying the car plant, not Saab’s abysmal production.
– To look at the plants, ie plant and its value for a new type of production, “says the source………
…….Saab had a production volume of 130,000 cars in 2006, and Koenigseggs goal under the business plan is that level is again to be attained in 2011, before rebounding to 150,000 cars per year.
Here are the Saab cars that will be produced under the business plan :
• Saab 9-3: Trollhättan
• Saab 9-4X (a new model): Mexico
• Saab 9-5: Trollhättan
However, the question is what it will be with the models of Trollhättan factory used to manufacture Quant.
Paul Åkerlund Metall is the union representative on the Saab, and believes that the Koenigsegg and the grouping around them has enough capital to deal with Saab.
– The existence of economic muscles in the picture, it’s probably my opinion, he said in the News.
American venture capitalists or other financiers can be included in a grouping that supports Koenigsegg in Saab-buying as the News of the speech, and the financiers are likely to have a short-term interest in being with and invest in Saab.
– I believe that these investors think that venture capital investors, “said Christer Karlsson bilprofessorn in News.
– They intend to another business to come. It may be merging with another. It may be to sell Saab to something else.
– But I can not believe that the main option is to continue to operate bilverksamhet, and in any case not integrated with Koenigsegg, because there is no point to it……

I’m really not sure about this.
The questions you’ve got to ask are:

  • Is this solar technology really at a production-ready stage for use in an automotive application?
  • Is the battery technology even available for this sort of automotive application?

I didn’t keep much of an eye on the Quant or the reception it received at the Geneva show.
It was presented by a guy who’s name I didn’t catch (I’ll call him Young Elvis) and the initial reaction paralelled my own thoughts: this is one of those futuristic cars that’s more of a design study and a 10-years-time tech expo.
This story from Realtid seems to suggest they’re serious about producing it in just a few years time.
This wouldn’t be a bad thing for Saab, per se. It’s just a little unexpected and the far-out nature of it all makes me wonder how realistic the possibility is.

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