Letter from a Saab dealer to The Koenigsegg Group

I received this in my inbox a few days ago, from Darryl Carl at New Salem Saab.
I’m sure there are a number of long-standing Saab dealers all around the world who would echo these sentiments (and a few long-standing owners and enthusiasts, too).
My thanks to Darryl for sending it in. Hang in there, bud.
Dear Koenigsegg Group,
Now that it’s official, we here at our Saab dealership and the surrounding Saab dealers that we know just want to tell you that we are so excited about this venture and the future possibilities; it’s impossible for me to express in the English language our sincere delight.
Our dealership is the second oldest continuously owned exclusive Saab dealership in the United States. We were approved for dealership operations from Saab Motors on March 23, 1961. We can and have repaired every Saab ever imported into the States.
I have raced, crashed, sold, repaired and lived by Saab, with Saab as a part of my entire life since birth. We currently are a US top 10 in Certified Saab Sales and meet or exceed our new Sales objectives monthly.
It is imperative you know the exclusive Dealers in the United States have hung on waiting for this type of possible dream solution. We, the exclusive dealers of the States, are so committed to Saab, its engineering, safety and potential, profit and loss seems to be second over the love of the brand.
I wanted to drop a small note of thanks for returning Saab to the Swedish aura it belongs in. You truly have “possibly” purchased the largest uncut gem in the industry. Saabs potential in our opinion is endless.
So we salute you and very much look forward in assisting the resurgence of our brand, the Saab brand. We ask for you to care for us as we have cared for the brand for so long and so lovingly. We pledge to stand strong, as we have, and look bright eyed toward the future of Saab, now possibly resting back in Swedish hands, built by Swedish people and engineered by the standards we know will sustain this brand from our Swedish aviation heritage.
If there is anything my small group of dedicated, long term Saab enthusiasts can do to assist in any fashion, do not hesitate to phone or email us. We look forward to the official announcement and our first official greeting.
One of the finest days of my life, aside from the birth of my twin boys, will be signing the new dealer agreement with the new Koenigsegg Saab.
Darryl F. Carl
President / Owner / Service Manager
New Salem Saab
(518-862-2795 Office 518-862-2799 Fax 518-528-4083 Cell)

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